What Are Brick Shape Vacuum Packing Machines?

A brick-shaped vacuum packing machine is a specialized packaging equipment designed to efficiently vacuum seal products into a brick-like shape. This type of packaging machine utilizes vacuum technology to remove air from the packaging, creating a tight seal around the product, which results in a compact and brick-shaped package.

Why Choose Brick Type Vacuum Packaging Machines?

These machines are commonly used in industries where space optimization and preservation of products are essential, such as food packaging, where vacuum sealing helps extend the shelf life of perishable goods by removing oxygen that can cause spoilage. The brick-shaped format optimizes space utilization during storage and transportation, allowing more efficient use of shelf space or pallets. In addition to brick shape vacuum packing machines, CTI Machine also offers various functions of machines such as automatic weighing and bagging machines and big bag packing machines. Welcome to contact us to get packaging solutions!

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